White Diamond

Ruby Blooms

Ruby Blooms is pleased to offer you the Luxury Collection - Silver Crystal Pearl Wedding Brooch Bouquet Designed for Romantic - Vintage Weddings, Bridal Flowers and Special Events!

• This is Made to Order Silver Crystal Pearl Wedding Brooch Bouquet. We will send you photos to ensure that your heirloom bridal broach bouquet is complete and perfect prior shipping.

 Brooch Bouquet Specifications:
◦ Name/Style: "White Diamond" - Hand Tie Brooch Bouquet
◦ Material: CZ, Austrian Crystals, Swarovski crystals, jewelry pins, pearls, brooches, rhinestones, silk ribbon
◦ Handle: Silk/satin ribbon with detailed decor
◦ Color: white, silver, pearl
◦ Listed Size: Majesty
◦ Handcrafted in USA and Shipped Worldwide

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