Peacock Feather Black Velvet Bridal Belt

Ruby Blooms

Ruby Blooms is pleased to offer you Made to Order, uniquely attractive, elegant, romantic and graceful high quality Velvet Belt with peacock decor.

Satin Sash Specifications:

• Style: Velvet Belt with Peacock Decor
• Material: Premium Velvet, Satin rosettes, feather, brooch, rhinestones, silk flowers
• Listed Size: Decor approx. 6” x 6"
• Color: Royal Blue, Wine, Emerald, Black, Purple, Silver
◦ Handcrafted in USA and Shipped Worldwide

The length of this velvet belt (3 yards = 108") is enough to go around the waist with longer tails. The belt may be tied as a bow in a back or just simply knotted. Velvet sash end has a clean angled finish to prevent fraying. The Length of the belt could be customized upon your request.

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