Lavender Petal II

Ruby Blooms

Ruby Blooms is pleased to offer you the Elite Collection - Crystal Silver Lavender  Wedding brooch bouquet Designed for Silver Lavender Wedding Bridal Flowers and Special Events!

 Brooch Bouquet Specifications:
◦ Name/Style: "Lavender Petal II" - Hand Tie Brooch Bouquet
◦ Material: Crystals, jewelry pins, pearls, brooches, rhinestones
◦ Handle: Silk/satin ribbon with detailed decor
◦ Color: Lavender, White, Silver
◦ Listed Size: Princess
◦ Handcrafted in USA and Shipped Worldwide

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Michelle G.
I adore my custom bouquet. It was worth the money and wait. It's a unique thing to have on your wedding day. I recommend this to any bride to be. It's an eye catcher and you will not want to put it down. Pictures are awesome with the bouquet as well. Enjoy brides to be!!