Double Faced Yellow Wedding Satin Ribbon 3 inch wide

Ruby Blooms

Ruby Blooms is pleased to offer you Made to Order the highest quality - 3 inch  wide Double Faced Satin Ribbon. It's a rich, luminous, elegant ribbon with clean cut edges. Wedding sash is uniquely attractive, elegant, romantic and graceful.

Satin Sash Specifications:

• Style: Double Face Ribbon
• Material: Premium Satin Polyester
• Color Solid: Yellow
• Available Sizes: From Sample 1 inch X width of the ribbon to 10 Yards
◦ Handcrafted in USA and Shipped Worldwide

Picture Represent 3” wide by 144” long / approx. 7.6cm wide by 366cm long. The length of this ribbon sash (4 yards = 144") is enough to go twice around the waist with longer tails. The sash may be tied as a bow in a back / front or just simply knotted. Ribbon sash end has a clean angled finish to prevent fraying. 
The Length could be customized upon your request.

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