About Ruby Blooms

Ruby Blooms Products

Ruby Blooms products are uniquely designed, one-of-a-kind and handcrafted to cater high quality individual style, unforgettable memories and treasured for a lifetime.

When you dream of making a vivid difference in your wedding and other memorable events, Ruby Blooms will help realize it. We specialize in bespoke handcrafted unique wedding and special events products to perfectly meet your theme inspirations.
Apart from our natural ability and knowledge to create handcrafted wedding products, tailored designs and produce to surpass your imagination, we spend quality time learning new ways to serve you better.
Creating unique wedding products are part of the advantages we bring to make your wedding distinctively different when you compare the outcome of your Big Day to any other you have seen.

We learn and understand the language and communication of wedding themes and colors. These we interpret to their finest details to give you products that beat your wildest imagination.
Our one-of-a-kind handcrafted wedding bouquets and special events products provide you the medium to interact with your guests, making sure every item on your wedding day convey a message that needs no interpreting.
No matter your cultural background, ours is to make your wedding valuable and memorable. Whatever your wedding type, culture and inspiration – be it Western, Arabian, Oriental, or Indian and African, we are not just thinking how to do it, we have always done it; we will meet your needs.

Our Goal

Our goal is making your wedding memorable and beautiful, to give your guests the right dosage of unforgettable, pleasant memories to treasure for a long time to come.
What do you need doing that you feel may be tough to accomplish? As far as weddings bouquets and bridal accessories are concerned, we are more than able to deliver astonishing products.
When it comes to keeping our promise of delivering quality and unique wedding bouquets, we put our entire being into fulfilling it. Always, a little part of us is there on the most important day of your life.
We make your wedding speak for you in stunning and affectionate ways!