April 28, 2016


The Identity of Lavender and Purple Shades - Nili

The Identity of Lavender and Purple Shades in Wedding Bouquets

Purple Fantasy Cascade Wedding Bouquet

Your wedding color says who you are; although you may have picked the colors unconsciously, there are explanations behind every color you choose and they define your personality traits. Therefore, when you decided on purple wedding bouquets, discerning minds will understand your wish for a lasting happy marriage. The wedding color being purple will go with all your wedding details including event decoration, flowers, BM dresses, cakes and your wedding gown with a gorgeous bridal broach bouquet to match.

The purple wedding is an expression of royalty and outgoing personality. It signifies tolerance, fearless, witty and charming. It shows lovingness between two people ready to explore life in marriage together. Purple can mean sweet (using lilac or lavender), and it can mean passionate (using purple, deep eggplant variation). No matter the purple wedding bouquet variation you choose, there is always a corresponding bridal broach bouquet to go with it, and will be your vintage asset years after the wedding.

The Lavender Bride Wedding Brooch Bouquet

Let’s walk through the purple inspiration together and see how amazing the color purple is and why love birds are using it as wedding color:

Purple Diamond Cascade Crystal Silver Bouquet

Purple ignites your thoughtful attributes and stimulates your imagination inspiring you to big ideas. Choosing purple wedding bouquets will create a mood of individuality, mystery and fantasy. The color signifies your uniqueness and independence; this means in many ways, your marriage will be unique and give an atmosphere of cordiality and exceptional or unconventional wedding taste.

Your sensitive and compassionate personality will bring out your habit of support for others; this will reflect in the ways you have prepared to take care of your guests at the wedding. However, you need to know that a day of marriage is not like every other day, and you should be putting your needs and joy above all others, if for just for that day because you are the very important persons of the day.

Mystic Peacock Silver Purple Brooch Bouquet

Since purple means so many things for your marriage, learning all that your wedding color dictates is an advantage you will have in having a blissful wedding life. Now, you need to look inward for stability in your marriage and take your time to enjoy life to the fullest. That is the reason why on your wedding day, spare no effort in making yourself happy. Make yourself happy by way of your wedding atmosphere, your dresses and that of your BM and husband and everything that goes with your marriage, and our handmade bridal broach bouquet, will pop up and glamour to your wedding color.

"Jewels of Regency" Purple Green Blue Brooch Bouquet

Below are purples wedding bouquet variations and meanings

  • Dark shade purple: Signifies sensuality and individuality, it’s a color for the nobles.
  • Lighter shade purples: Signifies romance and femininity; this is the hallmark of weddings.
  • Lavender with bluish tinge: Signifies sensitivity, nostalgia, fragility, and femininity.
  • Lilac with slightly pinkish hue: Signifies vanity and romance, immature and superficial, inspiring glamour.
  • Amethyst: Signifies evolved soul.
  • Plum, the reddish purple: Signifies family tradition, old-fashioned and honorable.
  • Deep Purple: Signifies nobility, higher spiritual attainment, arrogance, and ruthlessness.

Crystal Lavender Wedding Brooch Bouquet

You choose purple wedding bouquets with our bridal broach bouquet to match, you are inadvertently living to your true personality of sensitivity and family tradition sentiment.

April 28, 2016


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Something Blue | Blue Wedding Theme | Blue Brooch Bouquet

Many thinks of blue as sea wedding theme, but we know it’s much more than that! Rock your world with the right shade of that blue color you dream of; get what you want in your bridal brooch bouquets and all your

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April 23, 2016


Jeweled Tones Wedding Theme and Peacock Brooch Bouquets - Part I

Jeweled Tones Wedding Theme and Peacock Brooch Bouquets

Black Peacock Brooch Bouquet

Some say peacock is immortal because of the believe that when it dies, its flesh never decays like other animals. Well, sentiments and belief rule the world and Peacock enjoys such human belief making it an important object of good fortune. And so is peacock brooch bouquets, seeing as an integral valuable item in wedding ceremonies.

Royal Whimsy cascade jeweled peacock wedding brooch bouquet

Peacock brooch bouquets incorporate the values and love people have for the peacock which makes it stand out among other brooches.

Peacock Jeweled Wrist Corsage

 Using peacock brooch bouquets and peacock wedding accessories such as corsage, hair piece, groom boutonniere or belt for your wedding, with peacock theme brings out the beauty and inspiration embellish in the attributes of longevity, success, and royalty of peacock.

Peacock Feather Hair Piece Comb 

Your peacock wedding theme is a symbolic expression of your inspiration and expression of inner wishes about the event.

And as peacock color in a marriage event suggests the desire for the qualities and attributes of the peacock. You are joining in the wishes for the attributes of the peacock to bring beauty and integrity to your marriage.

We have an amazing peacock bridal brooch bouquets that will top all your preparations and bring out the quality of your wedding theme.

Great Gatsby Wedding, Old Hollywood, Roaring 20’s Wedding

Gatsby, Old Hollywood, Art Deco and Roaring 20's in our modern day vintage weddings

Let’s go back in time to the crazy 20’s.

It was the era nostalgic of social emancipation, artistic life display, and economic prosperity. It's a time connecting us with the famous history of Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby film of 1920.

Let's relive the experience of the time of Gatsby, Old Hollywood, Art Deco and Roaring 20's in our modern day vintage weddings. It's a time of Vintage wedding brooch bouquets exemplify by use of old accessories used by our forebears to have a taste of their good old days.


It was a time of opulence!

One thing to remember is that 1920s were a period of prosperity in economic, social and cultural as well as artistic expression. What does that say to you? It means go spend the money and have the fun. Yea, it was a time of opulence! Therefore, a Roaring 20’s wedding is one where you have to spend the money to bring costume of the 20’s alive, including your bridal brooch bouquet with fun hairpiece.

Great Gatsby Old Hollywood Wedding Cascade Brooch Bouquet

In the Gatsby, Old Hollywood, and Roaring 20’s days, live was much more fun and time where youthful freedom was likened to crazy youths. Let go back time immemorial to the goodness of youthful exuberance, a show of opulence and artistic revival, Glitz and Glamour and All That JAZZ!

Fairy Tale Wedding - Alice in Wonderland Whimsical Brooch Bouquet

Fairy Tale Wedding - Alice in Wonderland  Whimsical Brooch Bouquet

Are you ready to introduce a splendid bit of whimsical joy into your wedding day? If you embrace the charm and imagination in the world of Alice in Wonderland, this enchanting brooch bouquet will catch both your eye, and your fancy! Resplendent in jewel tones glittering with mischief, this bridal bouquet is like no other. From the dusky amethyst tones of purple to deep, rich topaz blues from the ocean, this elegant and hand-crafted bouquet will fill your special day with color. And unlike the White Rabbit, you won’t be late with a charming clock affixed to your bouquet, so long as you don’t get distracted by the flashes of brilliant color!

With this magical Alice in Wonderland bouquet, from Ruby Blooms Signature Collection, you’ll enjoy your tumble through the looking glass and arrive in dazzling style to the tea party – or wedding!  

Alice in Wonderland is a Disney’s fairy tale inspired

Alice in Wonderland is a Disney’s fairy tale inspired  whimsical wedding and honeymoons. It gives you the opportunity to play stunningly with colors and fantasy wedding bouquets.

We always love it when lovebirds chose to grace their marriage with the whimsy wedding bouquets the Alice in Wonderland style. It avails you lots of beautiful colors to play with for a hard to forget, one in a million, wedding packaging. A good wedding planner knows they never have to lack any beautiful color choice to make your wedding any less beautiful than the best Alice's Wonderland experience.

Here is an opportunity for your charming prince to sweep off your feet onto a waiting gorgeously dressed white horse. You are no more in a dreamland but in reality. Now on your way to the altar to say "yes, I do" to the applause and admiration of your guests, to live happily ever after with your heartthrob together.

The Lavender Bride

Please visit Kendall Price Photography blog to see all AMAZING pictures of Kim and Alex Fairytale Wedding at The Groove and Alice in Wonderland "The Lavender Bride"Brooch Wedding Bouquet Collection created by Ruby Blooms.

Alice in Wonderland inspired wedding plays around nature vibrant colors and...

...and your gown should make all the difference. It will blend with the magical fairy tale inspired colors and finishing perfection. Here is where your dress designer must show her nostalgic splendor of her child filled experience of heartfelt wishes to relive her childhood admiration for fairytales by giving your gown the touch of realistic wishing. In addition to all vibrant and full palette colors you may also check the Peacock articles Part I and Part II and Jeweled Tones brooch bouquets collection.

A fairy tale wedding inspired events venue is all yours with opulent decor that relives the Alice in Wonderland story, bringing reality to everyone present. You know what, hardly anyone present in your wedding that has no connection with your communication, so let your event seize the opportunity to sow a seed of longevity of memory of your wedding in all present.

Here are some more PRICELESS pictures of Becca and Alex wedding by RzescottiPhotography and one-of-a-kind "Alice in Wonderland Brooch Bridal Bouquet". You can find, follow, like, contact, etc Rzescotti on a Facebook as well.

Your Bridesmaids become ecstatic when they glow radiantly in fairy dresses and flowers with stunning bridal brooch bouquets. It reflects the real theme of a fantasy wedding bouquets typical of wonderland atmosphere. What's more, the combination of your well-dressed bride and maid and your Mr. Charming's men will impact your photos with Disney flavors.

Its yours Alice in Wonderland Wedding and Imagination

Let your imagination guide you through the land of wondrous happenings as you fall down the rabbit hole to explore the wonders in Alice wonderland. While exploring, take the time to remember you are not a rabbit and so must take care to provide the atmosphere for your guests and all well-wishers to feel of your inner wishes. Let them have the drinks, the wonderful foods choices and scenery of beautiful décor to remember a long time.

You need all the cool and calmness of Elsa with killer wedding broaches and bouquets with a tinge of fun to lighten the occasion. And bring the feisty and boldness of Jasmine with the eclectic style of cross-cultural bouquets typical of Aladdin magic of old. And travel around with your magic carpet down to your wedding reception for a night of the best entertainment.

Cap your wedding theme with the quintessential princess bride ride in an opulent carriage to your honeymoons the Cinderella style as you cruise adorning the Ruby blooms whimsy wedding bouquets in elegance and color.

Sparkle your Big Day with silver white luxury brooch bouquet

Shines lake a dimond - goregeus crystal Pure Pearl wedding brooch bouquet. Elegance and sophistication silver white bouquet is encrusted with high quality austrian crystals will make a glamorous addition to your Big Day!

Bride's Talk: Hair Piece Accessory for your Big Day or Special Event

Floral-inspired pearl accent romantic hair pins finished with a touch of gold glimmer!

RUSTIC WEDDING HAIR PIECE FLOWER PINS - SETRuby Blooms continues to make every brides look their very attractive with her new 2016 collection. Inspired by the golden theme but with a fairy tale twist it even can lead you to a Roaring 20's. Her art work is a signature, beautiful mix of simple flowers and pearls in every last piece. We know you are going to appreciate each and every one of her handcrafted hair pieces and wedding accessories as a high-fashion statement. They are simply Gorgeous!