The Winter Wedding

Winter wedding theme and bridal accessories 

Choosing to have your wedding in the coldest season of the year is a bold step to be different.

Such need to differ from traditional wedding season have its advantages if you take the time to plan the wedding well.

White Voyage

Winter wedding is not for the economic sense of it; essentially, it is the uniqueness and creating your fantasy to act according to your inspiration.

Heart of Angel

Since you have chosen your wedding time, we at Ruby Blooms are fully ready with handcrafted wedding bouquets to add taste and color to your day.

Pure Pearl

Nothing is more elegant than having your wedding in winter.

One thing is you are not having any of your events outdoors, and that gives you the assurance of time in a warm and cozy ballroom.

Forever Yours

Now that you are free of the anxiety of inclement weather prevailing in an outdoor event, it’s time to begin planning the various aspects of the wedding.

The Endless Kiss

Winter wedding does simple, moderate color palette.

Hot Kiss

You can choose silver and white, blue or red bouquets with crystal accents to add glamour to your wedding or give us your idea and we will create it for you.

Wedding Mirror

You also need modest décor down the aisle runner trimmed with white satin ribbon.

Beauty Winter Cascade Bouquet

The altar can come in crystal-curtain backdrop decorated with artificial flower bouquets.

Beauty Winter Cascade Bouquet

If you can get fresh flowers would be okay, but this is not the time to trouble yourself about such things.

White Feather Hairpiece

    More inspiration about winter weddings

    We invite you to look through our amazing collection of beautiful winter bouquets and bridal accessories. And if you want something ecstatic and personal, talk to us about it and we will give you a pleasant surprise.

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