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Arabic wedding

Modern Arabic weddings, called Bedouin wedding is in many respect similar to the Arabic wedding, although with regional or local tastes. Like in other cultures, Islam wedding follows certain processes to be called Islamic.

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The Islamic wedding is a carnival-like event where the bride and the groom go through different stages of the marriage, ending with Walimat – the dinning, winning and merry making part of the ceremonies. The Arabian night is a festival of dance and happy mood celebration to felicitate joyfully with the wedded. It usually involves music, dance, and lots of food.

If you want anything fanciful or the generous use of colorful accessories, the Arabs are no strangers. Your Arabian Muslim wedding is not a time for dulling because it’s a religious affair; it is equally a festivity to show style and elegance.

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The wedding starts with a marriage proposal, then the engagement and the Hena follows - this is where some artistic decorations are inscribed on both the hands and legs of the bride and on other women to celebrate the mood of the occasion. Nikah, the wedding proper comes next officiated by an Imam or a religious Cleric followed by Walima, the wedding ceremony, and honeymoons.

When talking about the Arabian wedding, you need to note there are Christians as well as Muslims faithful among the Arabs, but we are here focusing on the Muslim wedding in this discussion.

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Marriage vowing and decoration

In Islam influenced Arabian wedding, the couples do not have the opportunity of going to the altar like the Westerners. However you can still use the Nikah ceremony, which holds in the mosque or other chosen venue to introduce a bridal decor with keepsake  brooch wedding bouquets and use some rose gold brooch bouquets to grace the occasion.

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Muslim women are allowed the use of jewelry, and you can use the opportunity to tone the occasion with cascading teardrop bouquets displaying color rich bouquets to the admiration of your guests.


Bride's motorcade decoration

After the Nikah is Rukhsti, a farewell ceremony where the family of the bride including the father see off their daughter to a groom's waiting wedding motorcade to convey the bride to her new home. Yes, it’s a time to show the culture of the beauty of Arabian color, and you are not in any way disallowed from doing that here as the fairy tale wedding bouquets can stunningly be applied to decorate your motorcade.

So, why not take some time to reflect the mood of the occasion to dress your events venue with teardrop bouquets to bid farewell in emotional style.

Let your creativity rule the event with a fabulous combination of colors to dazzle your groom in special ways. Like in western wedding, Arabian Muslim wedding allows the use of bride's maid, but not so emphasized, but you can introduce your BMs to the guest by special order bridal brooch bouquets that will lace your wedding day with good colorful memory.

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