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The Identity of Lavender and Purple Shades in Wedding Bouquets

Purple Fantasy Cascade Wedding Bouquet

Your wedding color says who you are; although you may have picked the colors unconsciously, there are explanations behind every color you choose and they define your personality traits. Therefore, when you decided on purple wedding bouquets, discerning minds will understand your wish for a lasting happy marriage. The wedding color being purple will go with all your wedding details including event decoration, flowers, BM dresses, cakes and your wedding gown with a gorgeous bridal broach bouquet to match.

The purple wedding is an expression of royalty and outgoing personality. It signifies tolerance, fearless, witty and charming. It shows lovingness between two people ready to explore life in marriage together. Purple can mean sweet (using lilac or lavender), and it can mean passionate (using purple, deep eggplant variation). No matter the purple wedding bouquet variation you choose, there is always a corresponding bridal broach bouquet to go with it, and will be your vintage asset years after the wedding.

The Lavender Bride Wedding Brooch Bouquet

Let’s walk through the purple inspiration together and see how amazing the color purple is and why love birds are using it as wedding color:

Purple Diamond Cascade Crystal Silver Bouquet

Purple ignites your thoughtful attributes and stimulates your imagination inspiring you to big ideas. Choosing purple wedding bouquets will create a mood of individuality, mystery and fantasy. The color signifies your uniqueness and independence; this means in many ways, your marriage will be unique and give an atmosphere of cordiality and exceptional or unconventional wedding taste.

Your sensitive and compassionate personality will bring out your habit of support for others; this will reflect in the ways you have prepared to take care of your guests at the wedding. However, you need to know that a day of marriage is not like every other day, and you should be putting your needs and joy above all others, if for just for that day because you are the very important persons of the day.

Mystic Peacock Silver Purple Brooch Bouquet

Since purple means so many things for your marriage, learning all that your wedding color dictates is an advantage you will have in having a blissful wedding life. Now, you need to look inward for stability in your marriage and take your time to enjoy life to the fullest. That is the reason why on your wedding day, spare no effort in making yourself happy. Make yourself happy by way of your wedding atmosphere, your dresses and that of your BM and husband and everything that goes with your marriage, and our handmade bridal broach bouquet, will pop up and glamour to your wedding color.

"Jewels of Regency" Purple Green Blue Brooch Bouquet

Below are purples wedding bouquet variations and meanings

  • Dark shade purple: Signifies sensuality and individuality, it’s a color for the nobles.
  • Lighter shade purples: Signifies romance and femininity; this is the hallmark of weddings.
  • Lavender with bluish tinge: Signifies sensitivity, nostalgia, fragility, and femininity.
  • Lilac with slightly pinkish hue: Signifies vanity and romance, immature and superficial, inspiring glamour.
  • Amethyst: Signifies evolved soul.
  • Plum, the reddish purple: Signifies family tradition, old-fashioned and honorable.
  • Deep Purple: Signifies nobility, higher spiritual attainment, arrogance, and ruthlessness.

Crystal Lavender Wedding Brooch Bouquet

You choose purple wedding bouquets with our bridal broach bouquet to match, you are inadvertently living to your true personality of sensitivity and family tradition sentiment.

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