Jeweled Tones Wedding Theme and Peacock Brooch Bouquets - Part I

Jeweled Tones Wedding Theme and Peacock Brooch Bouquets

Black Peacock Brooch Bouquet

Some say peacock is immortal because of the believe that when it dies, its flesh never decays like other animals. Well, sentiments and belief rule the world and Peacock enjoys such human belief making it an important object of good fortune. And so is peacock brooch bouquets, seeing as an integral valuable item in wedding ceremonies.

Royal Whimsy cascade jeweled peacock wedding brooch bouquet

Peacock brooch bouquets incorporate the values and love people have for the peacock which makes it stand out among other brooches.

Peacock Jeweled Wrist Corsage

 Using peacock brooch bouquets and peacock wedding accessories such as corsage, hair piece, groom boutonniere or belt for your wedding, with peacock theme brings out the beauty and inspiration embellish in the attributes of longevity, success, and royalty of peacock.

Peacock Feather Hair Piece Comb 

Your peacock wedding theme is a symbolic expression of your inspiration and expression of inner wishes about the event.

And as peacock color in a marriage event suggests the desire for the qualities and attributes of the peacock. You are joining in the wishes for the attributes of the peacock to bring beauty and integrity to your marriage.

We have an amazing peacock bridal brooch bouquets that will top all your preparations and bring out the quality of your wedding theme.

Ruby Blooms
Ruby Blooms


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