Great Gatsby Wedding, Old Hollywood, Roaring 20’s Wedding

Gatsby, Old Hollywood, Art Deco and Roaring 20's in our modern day vintage weddings

Let’s go back in time to the crazy 20’s.

It was the era nostalgic of social emancipation, artistic life display, and economic prosperity. It's a time connecting us with the famous history of Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby film of 1920.

Let's relive the experience of the time of Gatsby, Old Hollywood, Art Deco and Roaring 20's in our modern day vintage weddings. It's a time of Vintage wedding brooch bouquets exemplify by use of old accessories used by our forebears to have a taste of their good old days.


It was a time of opulence!

One thing to remember is that 1920s were a period of prosperity in economic, social and cultural as well as artistic expression. What does that say to you? It means go spend the money and have the fun. Yea, it was a time of opulence! Therefore, a Roaring 20’s wedding is one where you have to spend the money to bring costume of the 20’s alive, including your bridal brooch bouquet with fun hairpiece.

Great Gatsby Old Hollywood Wedding Cascade Brooch Bouquet

In the Gatsby, Old Hollywood, and Roaring 20’s days, live was much more fun and time where youthful freedom was likened to crazy youths. Let go back time immemorial to the goodness of youthful exuberance, a show of opulence and artistic revival, Glitz and Glamour and All That JAZZ!

Ruby Blooms
Ruby Blooms


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