Peacock Wedding Ideas Theme Decorations - Part II

The application of peacock color in a wedding goes beyond picking colors;

Peacock Wedding Ideas Theme Decorations Centerpieces Bouquets

it extends to producing items for a keepsake, which is peacock brooch bouquets represents. Just imagine someone wearing a beautiful piece of peacock brooch in your office, chances are you will admire it. Now imagine yourself wearing the same piece of the brooch used in your wedding to lunch with your spouse, that will be a great reminder of the joyous day.

Whimsical Peacock Wedding Brooch Bouquets

Wile planning your wedding, it is essential to think of item to last beyond the ceremonies. Something that will always remind you when you said "yes, I do." Such item is your peacock brooch bouquets along with your bridal brooch bouquets.


While your peacock brooch bouquets does the work of now and future,

you can add a bit taste of peacock feather flavors. The theme of you wedding will greatly come alive as you take every item, giving it a deserving peacock signature. Even your bridal brooch bouquets is not left out in the season of peacock; we design them to your taste.

Peacock Feather Crystal Brooch Boutonniere

To every wedding, there are various menu of stationery items and don't fail to leverage on this. There is endless designed peacock themed stationery and you can get your decorator to find them even for the event decor. Making a statement in your wedding is a good start to tell people you are in for a future of peacock character.

Cascade Peacock Brooch BouquetPeacock Wedding Collection

If you don't see your bouquet in our collection please contact Ruby Blooms for a Custom Order. We look forward to making your dream comes through.

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